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Tactical Arnis Carrying Case (Stealth Black)

(8 customer reviews)

$34.95 $28.95

30 x 6 x 2 inches ; 1.5 pounds

This carrying case allows you to comfortably carry any of your long and heavy sports equipment such as shotguns, fly fishing equipment, bow and arrows, or Arnis sticks.

MOLLE technology = Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment allows you to securely attach almost anything to the case

The MOLLE straps on both sides of the case makes it very versatile, allowing you to attach almost anything to this tactical case.

There is heavy padding on the shoulder straps to help you comfortably carry your gear.

The case has extra padding to prevent your gear from shifting inside the case.

The shoulder strap is adjustable so it can fit every body type.

There are 6 metal rings on the bag to allow you to attach other gear.

Includes free MOLLE Pouch

Arnis Authority guarantee

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8 reviews for Tactical Arnis Carrying Case (Stealth Black)

  1. Anh Kist (verified owner)

    This is a good bag, but do NOT go by the picture.First and foremost, this bag is not made for 6 sticks. Not if you plan to close it. Luckily, I read other reviews first and only have one pair of sticks, so I didn’t mind. However, the bag in the pic doesn’t have the sticks jutting out just because it makes for a nice product photo. It is actually way overpacked (the sticks are thin and still they must’ve had to cram those in there).Second, it is a little heavy for the amount it can hold. I maxed it out at two pair, and then it BARELY closed. Maybe it was designed for something else entirely, and repurposed for Arnis Authority. Perhaps something heavier. It’d be perfect for carrying a couple swapout .223 carbine barrels.Third, and despite the Molle straps (which seem solid), make no mistake about the “tactical” nature of this bag. It is PURELY a novelty. The metal snaps and rings are silver and make a very audible, very non-tactical jingling. The snaps should be enameled black and the rings should be black plastic coated to be realistically considered tactical. I’ve thought about enameling the snaps myself and replacing the rings with tactical plastic ones, but it’s not like I’m heading into combat, and if I were I wouldn’t be bringing sticks to a gunfight. Come to think about it, I don’t even know why you would need a stick bag to be tactical :-PLastly, the configuration of the Molle straps on the bag in the picture are entirely different from the one I received. I’m sure it’s not even the same product. But for 20 bucks, it’s still a good bag.Otherwise, it’s a nice, masculine bag. I think I’ll enjoy it.

  2. Alex Levan

    This bag was perfect! It’s also strong and padded to protect your gear. Was wrapped great, delivered fast. The MOLLE gear on the back holds my other gear securely in place. The adjustable strap is a nice touch, this bag holds my Kali sticks and karambit nicely (it’ll hold two sets or 4 sticks) I’ll be ordering another.

  3. Joie Mescher

    I’ve been using this bag for a little over a month now with 4 escrima sticks in it and they fit well, allowing the bag to close (not close tight mind you but close enough so that the sticks won’t fall out). I had been keeping 2 regular rattan sticks as well as 2 polypropylene Cold Steel escrima sticks (a little thicker than rattan) in the case. The case was a VERY tight fit when I tried to put my foam sticks in with my rattan sticks so I wouldn’t recommend that.The molle straps came in handy as I attached the case to a tactical pack so I can jog to my kung fu classes. The case fits tight up against the pack although I also used the straps on the bag to keep it in place.Like other reviewers I agree that this case could be bigger as to accommodate more sticks but it fits my needs pretty well.

  4. Rosendo Leopold

    I’m a MOLLE nerd, so I love this bag. Most of the guys who train with me did, too, and a number of them went online the next day to order theirs.In practice, it holds about six sticks comfortably. I keep two very light sticks, two more typical WEKAF sticks, and two ironwood sticks in there.

  5. Dorian Walley (verified owner)

    This is a great bag for carrying rattan sticks. It has served me well and I haven’t though about picking up another one. It would be nice if it held a few more sticks ( I generally fit about 6 sticks in the bag).

  6. Damian Agar (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t buy this again. It holds 4 medium thick sticks ok, 2 sticks plus 2 padded 26″ sticks don’t really fit, no room for anything else. The velcro became junk after 3 months of use I think. All the snaps and “tactical” looking straps serve little purpose. The carrying strap is connected with poorly chosen hardware, not a big problem, but the giant hooks they use dig in to your shoulder. I would opt for a roll-up style bag if I could go back. It came with a little fanny pack looking back that got tucked away and never used.

  7. Angila Gilmer

    Overall quality of the bag construction is solid, think of a shot gun case modified.The BIG problem is that there is NO WAY to fit more than 3 sticks in the bag and successfully close the flap. I was very disappointed so I checked the description and photo again. That is when I figured it out – NO WAY THAT FLAP IS CLOSING IN THE PHOTO WITH 6 STICKS.I am not sure why the manufacturer over sold us on the capacity instead of just being straight forward, especially in light of the solid construction of the bag.

  8. Johnny Vieira

    My son loved the case and it looks very sharp. It’s sturdy enough for his usage yet conceals the contents so my son isn’t constantly asked about them. The strap is sturdy and expands tremendously to ensure a good fit. Since my son is over 6’5″ and a mighty big guy, this is always a big concern. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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