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Sports Bag 2.5 Feet Long for Arnis and other Sports Equipment (Blue)

(7 customer reviews)

$24.95 $16.95

  • 4 deep pockets
  • capacity to hold 6 1-inch Arnis sticks in the main pocket
  • 30 inches long
  • velcro locks for secure handling
  • nylon mesh material

7 reviews for Sports Bag 2.5 Feet Long for Arnis and other Sports Equipment (Blue)

  1. Ward Kemble

    Generally a good bag. I can carry one pair of standard rattans, one pair of soft sticks, and a couple training knives in this bag with a little bit of a tight fit. Only drawback is that the short strap is not adjustable. This makes wearing the bag a bit difficult, as it goes over only one shoulder and even there it isn’t that stable.

  2. Edward Snodgrass

    It works, but cheaply made for any regular use. Still, if careful with the bag it’s better than nothing at all.

  3. Bret Dressler (verified owner)

    Awesome bag for two pair of sticks and some dagger/knives in the front pockets.

  4. Deandre Eisen

    This bag fits my sticks, wristbands, and even a kris or talibon trainer, as well as having pockets for practice knives. It’s as sturdy as most nylon gym bags, and the quality you should expect for the price. I agree with the “would be nice if it had an adjustable strap”, but other than that, it was a really good buy. Buying one for my sparring partner as well!

  5. Joseph Viruet

    I am able to fit everything I need into the bag and still have a pocket leftover for my phone/wallet/keys. The material is durable and the stitching re-enforced. I highly recommend this bag for traveling to and from practices, seminars, etc.

  6. Florentino Gunnells

    I couldn’t ask for nothing better! It was in fact better then I expect. The extra pockets right fit for my extras. A class mate of mind have the same kind just black with red trimmed. Love this item!

  7. Wilbert Kirschbaum (verified owner)

    It holds my escrima sticks and practice knifes (2), it can hold 4 sticks or 2 and a tomahawk. It’s not long enough to hold a bokken or shinai’s though. Quality seems fine.

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