Dulo Dulo [Rattan] with MOLLE Utility Pouch


The Dulo Dulo (Rattan) is made from the Rattan plant. Its round edges and light weight makes it a safe way to train with the Dulo Dulo weapon. Mean “end to end”, the Dulo Dulo is double sided single hand weapon.   

  • 3 piece set: (1) Dulo Dulo, (1) MOLLE Utility Pouch, (1) Arnis Authority Logo stickers 
  • 6 inches long x 3/4 inch in diameter
  • Made from Rattan
  • Free Shipping
  • Arnis Authority Guarantee! If you don’t like it let us know! And we will do what we can to make you satisfied!
  • Made in the Philippines Islands

The art of Arnis originated from the Philippines Islands and was secretly practiced under 300 hundred years of Spanish colonial rule. Each of the 7,641 islands in the Philippines archipelago, had developed its own fighting style to adapt to the geography. On the bigger islands of Luzon, the art developed long-range fighting. On the smaller islands, like in Cebu with thick jungles and ocean borders, Arnis was mastered for close combat.

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