Rattan Arnis: The Resistance Weapon


The Rattan Arnis was one of the most common weapons in the resistance arsenal because it was readily available and it was easily disguised as a farmers tool. The resistance fighters fought against the Spanish colonizers, Japanese invaders, and US Imperialism who all had superior weapons, but anyone with an Arnis and the will to fight can win.

Rattan is also known as the climbing palm tree because of its flexibility and its ability to climb on other trees or buildings.  It grows abundantly in tropical climates like the Philippines. For these reasons, Rattan was an ideal choice for Arnis. Because of its abundance, many Arnis could be produced. Also it was easily disguised as a walking stick or farming tool. However, in the hands of an experienced user, the Rattan becomes a formidable weapon.

Today, the Rattan is commonly used to make furniture, clothing, tools, and scaffolding for buildings. However, under the current epidemic situation, Rattan serves as a reminder to be scrappy and work with what you have.  And as long as you have the will there is a way through any situation.

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