I learned the word, “eracism” before the word “racism”. I saw it painted in white on a gray concrete wall under the 580 freeway in an underpass in Oakland, California. I was in the third grade when I first read it. I guessed it was about erasing racism, because I remember studying the word “eradicate” in my 3rd grade science class. Eradicate, as in the eradication of a virus or disease.

My 3rd grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Cortez. One day, she brought her Japanese exchange-student to class and teach us to make a crane origami. Mrs. Cortez handed each of us colorful origami paper and followed the Japanese student. We dropped our finished paper cranes into a large glass clear jar that Mrs. Cortez proudly set on her table. The jar turned into a rainbow of colors with each crane. After the last crane was dropped into the jar, my teacher asked us to look at the jar and said that we each bring a different color to this world and because of that, the world will be a better place.

I believe racism is a disease that will be eradicated.

The recent increase violence on Asians in the US needs to stop. Humans are the only creatures on earth that are capable of appreciating and embracing the different human ethnicities, but also the only creatures to hate based on ethnicity.

Arnis Authority stands against racism and stands for eracism.

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