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Arnis Authority was built on love for the environment. The history of the art of Arnis traces its roots to the symbiotic relationship between people and the environment. Within this ecosystem, people have harvested the bamboo, rattan, Bahi, and Kamagong to make homes, furniture and tools and in return the people have cultivated these hard-wooded trees to ensure both people and these trees thrive.

Arnis Authority is committed to this sustainable ecosystem. We ensure that every step in our logistics chain is conscious of preserving the environment

Our ‘tree-spotters’ hike our mountains to find mature trees for harvesting.

Then we have cutters that cut the trees to create our Arnis.

We replant a new tree for every tree we cut down.

We hand carve each Arnis.

When we ship our Arnis to you we use recycled and durable materials.

We constantly review our process to make it more eco-friendly.