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Since 2003, We Never Stopped Training.

Arnis Authority creates sports equipment to promote the sport of Arnis. It is headquartered in Northern California, USA with roots in the Philippines. We follow sustainable business practices to ensure a healthy planet for us to work and play. Also believe in equality for all. Never stop training


Arnis Authority was founded in 2003, when Jenner was living and working in the Philippines archipelago. During a  jungle hike on the island of Luzon, he met an Arnis craftsman. The craftsman harvested wood from his farm to make Arnis. Arnis Authority was born from this partnership and has expanded to produce bags, athletic clothing, training weapons, and accessories for the sport of Arnis. 

Today, we are a team of engineers, artists, conservationists, entrepreneurs, athletes and martial artists that work together to create and manufacture equipment for the sport of Arnis. 

Arnis Authority is based in Northern California, United States with team members located in Germany, Sri Lanka, China, and the Philippines.

Arnis Authority Products

Our products are created to help you reach your goals and advance the sport of Arnis. Each one of our products are made with quality materials and manufactured with an awareness of its impact on the environment.

We stand behind our products, but we are always looking to improve and innovate new products. So buy with confidence and we always appreciate your feedback and suggestions for new products or enhancements to existing products.

Our Popular Products

What is Arnis?

Arnis refers to the wooden stick used in this martial arts system. Arnis also refers to the martial arts system and also known as Kali or Filipino Martial Arts (“FMA”).  Arnis is a weapon-based system that teaches practitioners how to use common items as weapons. Today, the Arnis is the main weapon taught in this martial art.

After the Spanish colonized the Philippines, they prohibited practicing any forms of combat and weaponry. Therefore, Arnis was developed to appear non-threatening and had to be secretly practiced in homes or in the jungle.

Arnis are primarily made from the wooden branches and trunks of rattan, palm trees, or kamagong, which grow abundantly, in the tropics of the Philippines. These sticks are cut and polished to 28 inches (71.12 centimeters) in length and ¾ inch (1.9 centimeters) in diameter.

On December 11, 2009, Arnis was declared a National Sport of the Philippines. Today, Arnis is practiced worldwide and continues to grow.

The Team

Our team is made up of a group of talented individuals each with their own skill sets. Although we are located all over the world, our collective skills sets and backgrounds create the foundation for our product designs.

Why Choose Arnis?

One of the distinguishing features of arnis over other martial arts is that it was designed to fit a person’s natural movement rather than reprograming a person’s natural movement to match the art.

Sustainable Business Practices

We follow sustainable business practices to ensure a healthy planet for everyone to work and play

Promotes Equality for All

We firmly promote equality for all,  ensuring everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of their abilities, background or lifestyle.

We Never Stop Training

We have been in business since 2003 and never stop training

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